St Jude's Storm 29th Oct 2013

Like many places, our train service was severely disrupted on Monday 28th October because of damage such as fallen trees caused by the storm.  Thankfully, services were restored for Tuesday morning.  Though there was great inconvenience to many commuters, we recognise the efforts of the Network Rail engineers and others who worked hard to clear debris and repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Market Harborough station waiting rooms and toilets 03rd Oct 2013

Users of the station will be aware of the work under way on the waiting rooms on both platforms and the toilets on northbound platform 1.  Part of the work is to provide step-free access from the southbound platform to the waiting room.  This is a welcome development as HRU has long been concerned about the accessibility of this platform so let's hope this is a sign of further access improvements to come.  Despite the structural limitations of the short southbound platform and the large gap between both platforms and the trains, it is fair to say that East Midlands Train does maintain the station in good condition.

Nottingham resignalling and track improvements 03rd Oct 2013

During July and August 2013, Network Rail closed Nottingham station to most trains for a five-week 'blockade' while they completely rebuilt the track layout, added an extra platform and upgraded the signalling.  Other work was also done at Nottingham station during this period, including significant progress with modernising the station itself and works associated with the new tram routes that will cross the station on an impressive new bridge.  A major programme of train diversions and bus replacements was put in place for the duration, with East Midlands Trains reducing fares as compensation for the resulting inconvenience to the affected journeys.

Though not particularly local to Market Harborough, this work is important to our train service as most of Market Harborough's trains start from or are going to Nottingham.  The old track and signalling there was limited in capacity and becoming increasingly unreliable.  While this work was being planned, HRU therefore added its voice to representations that the scheme should provide for increased capacity and operational flexibility, rather than mere like-for-like replacement of old kit with new.  We are therefore pleased that the work has done this and we look forward to the improved reliability for our trains.


Station adoption - your views 11th Jun 2013

Would you like to ‘adopt’ Market Harborough station? Station Adoption is when a group of individuals make a big difference at their local station by helping to ensure that the station is well presented and looked after. Station adopters get involved at their station doing tasks they put forward and are supported by the local station management team who are there to work with the volunteers. This community initiative is being promoted by East Midlands Trains and you can find out more here.


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Meeting with East Midlands Trains 08th May 2013

Each year the Harborough Rail User group has a meeting with East Midlands Trains to discuss future plans and issues related to Harborough station and the service we receive. If you’d like us to raise anything specific at the meeting, we’d love to have your views. We hope to have this year’s meeting in July/August of this year (we’ll publish the exact dates on the site when they are confirmed).


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