Official opening of new station car park: 6th July 201806th Jul 2018

Though it actually opened to the public on 18th June, the new car park had its official opening today, 6th July.  In attendance were Harborough MP, Neil O'Brien, representatives of Network Rail, East Midlands Trains, the Leicester & Leicester Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP - one of the funding bodies for the whole realignment scheme) plus Steve Jones, Chair of Harborough Rail Users.  There was a press photocall to record the event.

The completion of the car park is the first stage of the realignment and rebuilding of the station and the line through it.  The old car park, on the west side of the line, has closed and this releases the site for the track realignment to take place.  Some work north of the station has already been done, with the trackbed largely cleared, and ballast, sleepers and rail delivered.  Some track has already been laid.  Most of the work can be completed 'off-line', without affecting the operation of the existing railway alongside.  However, a track closure will be required for a few days in 2019 so that the new track and platforms can be connected up and open in May.  Once that happens, the car park can then be extended with a further 200 spaces over the land currently occupied by the existing track and platforms.

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