EMT consults on proposed closure of barrow crossing at Market Harborough station16th Aug 2018

For well over 100 years, there has been a barrow-crossing across the tracks at the south end of the platforms at Market Harborough.  However, with the opening of the new car park and step-free access to the southbound platform, the need to take disabled passengers across at track level from one platform to the other is much reduced.  This crossing is the last one on the whole line and there is a strong desire to close it and remove the obvious risk it involves. 

However, the need for all passengers to be able to transfer from one platform to the other remains.  Until the new footbridge is built (summer 2019), EMT are proposing a free accessible taxi between the respective station entrances.  This will be a temporary arrangement until the new bridge is open.  

In principle, HRU welcome the closure of the crossing as it is an anachronism on a busy main line in 2018.  However, we have sought assurances that the taxi arrangement will be properly accessible and user-friendly.  We do not want passengers to have to wait unduly and certainly not risk missing their trains.  EMT have undertaken to put in hand such arrangements. 

Further details are at: https://www.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk/information/media/news/marketharborough/  

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